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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring all-natural, sustainably sourced essential hair oil remedies from the world of Ayurveda to you. We’ve harnessed the power of nature and bottled it up. No fillers, no additives, nothing chemical. Just simple, natural wellness to help your hair be and remain – strong and beautiful.

About Our Founders

We founded Ecoforest with a simple mission - making high quality natural products people can rely on and fit within their modern lives.

We grew up using natural products and incorporating old world practices into our modern lives, but we did not find a brand out we can connect with.

We were tired with the sea of options with little education, lack of consistent quality, confusing ingredients and poor aesthetics.

Ecoforest is a brand that's focused on providing high quality products (with proof!), relatable education, affordable prices and artful aesthetics. We believe Mother Nature is full of incredible resources and we're passionate about sharing those with our customers. Zait Al Hayee is an important part of our Ecoforest world!

Our Infrastructure

We have a strong infrastructural base with own manufacturing unit, warehouses, a strong and well experienced work force and all the other necessary facilities to ensure hygiene and cleanliness of end products.

The manufacturing unit is in Moriya-Ahmedabad, an industrial hub in the state of Gujarat India, which is also the Head unit for Manufacturing & Packaging. Our commercial Head office is in Praladnagar - Ahmedabad Gujarat.

The company has warehouses with a ready stock at any point of time. This ensures quick and speedy delivery of goods to clients.

Along with the finesse of machines, we pour in the essence of herbs and Ayurveda and this is what distinguishes us from others in the market. We’ve a dedicated Research & Development team who constantly strive to make our products better as well as innovate new ones to add to your beauty and fitness.

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